The Apoyo Lagoon

La Laguna de Apoyo or Mirador de Catarina (The Apoyo Lagoon).

Gigantic crater of volcanic origin with a 6 Kilometers circumference and 200 meters deep, provides its visitors with an amazing beautiful view.

You can also fish, sail, kayak, snorkel and scuba dive.

Mirador Catarina turista2


Club House

All lots have views over the Laguna de Apoyo or Lake Nicaragua or both, and all lot owners enjoy access to our swimming and boating facilities at our beach on the waterfront of the laguna and access to our clubhouse for wining and dining or just a quiet cocktail watching the sunset.


It is a tranquil, gated community of mostly US, Canadian and international retirees with its own security guards and maintenance and gardening staff.



Granada is 30 miles and 40 minutes from the centre of Managua and the international airport.

The Club Vistalagos Project

The Club Vistalagos project is a residential development stretching from the rim of the Laguna de Apoyo back towards Granada,the oldest colonial city in the Americas.